A harp for hire

If you would like to find out if the harp really is your

instrument, without having to make a big investment, you

can do so by renting a harp at De Troubadour Harpen

Buying a harp does take some kind of toll on your budget

and might not always be the best option, especially if you

are not yet certain whether the harp is something that will

“stick”. In this case, renting a harp might be a good

alternative for you.

Harps available for rental and pricing:

We’ve got several harps available for rental, among those are the following:

  1. -Harpsicle, 26 string, C, F and B levers, €27,50 per month

  2. -Fullsicle, 26 string, fully levered, €29,50 per month

  3. -Camac Bardic 27, 27 string (nylon), €32,50 per month

  4. -Caerleon Elaine 27, 27 string (nylon), €32,50 per month

  5. -Caerleon Elaine 34, 34 string (nylon), €45,- per month

  6. -Camac Telenn 34, 34 string (darm), €50,- per month

Terms and conditions: An administration fee of € 25,- will be calculated once, upon start of the rental period, a security deposit is required. The maximum rental period is two years, rental will be per three months.

Buying a harp within six months

If you love playing the harp and do decide to buy a new one at our store within the first six months of renting, we will refund you the money paid for this entire period as a reduction on the price of your own new harp! You are free to choose from all new harps, so you do not need to buy the harp you rented. This means that the rental period has been free for you, the only thing you had to pay for six months of renting is the €25,00 administration fee.

If you would like to receive more information on renting a harp, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to be of service to you!